Whitey Basson

ex CEO of Shoprite Checkers

"Douglas Parker Associates has worked closely with Shoprite’s management team for some 30 + years and played an important role, particularly regarding new store development." 

Derick van der Merwe

ex CEO V&A Waterfront

"DPA did the original market evaluation for the V&A waterfront, which proved remarkably accurate, and for some ten years thereafter conducted regular consumer research to track shoppers profiles, perceptions and the centre’s performance in terms of tenant mix, marketing, parking, security and housekeeping. This information was a valuable input for management. I have placed an extremely high premium on their research on many critical decision over a long period of time."

Mark J Lamberti

ex CEO Massmart

“Starting with 6 Makro stores in 1988, Massmart grew to be a 238 store group of retail and wholesale outlets by 2007. Doug Parker and Associates were retained throughout this period to provide data and analysis on market sizes and appropriate store locations and sizes, pursuant to sustainable growth and viable profitability both in the development of over 100 new stores and acquisition of 15 companies. A significant feature of Doug Parker’s expertise was the ability to forecast market trends, many of which proved to be accurate over two decades."

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