Parker Research

In fulfilling the major services listed, we often make use of primary research to obtain required information. These research services are also available to clients as stand-alone elements.

  • Customer Origin Surveys

    Conducted either by an analysis of existing customer records, or by face to face interviews in-street. These surveys identify the catchment area of a specific location. In-street surveys are often augmented to provide a profile of shoppers using that particular venue.

  • Retail Census

    An audit of all the retailers (in general or just specific categories) within a particular location to provide a “supply-side” estimate of the market in terms of retail space and likely sales levels.

  • Local Authority Surveys

    Interviews with town planners and transport engineers to establish development plans for the area, and likely infrastructural developments.

  • Focus Groups

    Focus group sessions with selected participants to identify current issues and their reactions to development concepts etc.

  • Household Surveys

    Surveys of households within a particular area sampled by quota or by using a geographically stratified sampling frame, to establish detailed information on incomes, expenditures, shopping patterns and attitudes to stores and or development concepts. Interviews are usually made by phone or online.

  • Customer Service Surveys

    These are interviews conducted inside or outside stores on conclusion of customers shopping experience, to identify items sought but not bought and reasons why, along with other general information.

  • Town Planning Services

    These services are provided in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, and include analysis of development rights for properties, and submission of applications such as re-zonings, removal of title deed restrictions, and departures from zoning schemes.  

  • Market Intelligence

    We subscribe to various data sources and closely track news, trends and developments in the economy and the retail market to keep our database fresh and up to date.

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