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The most exciting and dynamic parts of our country are the metropolitan areas. This is where most of the mega shopping centers are located, and where the greatest amount of change takes place.

To understand the dynamics of the metro’s necessitates breaking each area up into zones or catchments.

  • Zones are fairly large areas, grouping together people with generally similar demographics in terms of socio-economic level, and similar shopping patterns in terms of centers used.
  • Catchments on the other hand, are areas representing the primary source of business for specific shopping centers.

With the Metro’s, reports are also custom made for individual clients, and range as follows:

  • Overall market potential (zone) or realized market (catchment) for one or more defined markets.

  • The aforementioned plus a breakdown of the market by Lifeplane.

  • As above plus general demographics and growth rates.

  • As above plus the market modelling.

  • As above plus a listing of all existing stores within one or more categories, with or without their respective sizes etc.

We have a set of databases that we regularly update, including:

  • Population levels by Ward and Suburb in the metro’s and by town elsewhere

  • Income trends by Lifeplane and Lifestage

  • Expenditure levels by Lifeplane and Lifestage

  • National retailers store lists, all GIS mapped

  • Shopping Centres

For more detailed local information, we conduct field trips where we undertake a census of the existing retail, and where required we interview the local authority to establish current town planning and likely infrastructural developments over the next 5 years.

Metro Areas covered in this manner include:

Metro Area | No of Zones | No of Catchments

For further information please contact us directly.

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